My gift guide for 12-18 months, 2023

by Monica Magan

When it came to my first born’s 1st birthday, I had so many people ask me what they should get her. Truth is, I had no clue. I feel like she already had so much and everything she needed. As she reached closer to that 18 month mark, her interests, the way she played and her development changed so much and I had a much better idea of exactly what she needed or she’d love. Side note: My son who just turned 1 also loves all of these too. So here I share the best presents for a one year old. 

At one, babies are transitioning to toddlers – they’re moving more (maybe walking already), they’re more curious, they’re familiar with everyday objects and want to use them and they are copying the actions they see more. These present ideas are practical and engaging for 12 months plus. 

  1. Puzzles; a few key ones that would be a big hit are musical, ABC/123, animals, shapes 
  2. Water/sand tray (outdoor or indoor); anything messy play is always going to be a big hit and something like this will last until they are at least 4 years old
  3. Play kitchen; gentle warning to ask parents first as it’s a physically big gift so it makes sense to make sure there is space in the home or a want for it. 
  4. Teepee; when she first got it Myla absolutely LOVED playing hide and seek in here, now she sits cosy in there and draws or reads her books
  5. Cute socks (with grips); when babies start to walk or stand up these are great for not carpet floors. Also babies’ feet grow so quick so socks are always needed! 
  6. Voucher for first pair of shoes; baby shoes can be expensive and it’s important to have a sturdy pair of first walker shoes
  7. First words books; these have lasted over various stages of development with Myla – before 12 months she would look at the picture, name a few but mostly make noises of the pictures she saw. By 18 months she fully named most of the pictures. Now at 22 months we are working on colours and counting using the books. And she still loves them. 
  8. Wooden fruit cutting set; this goes great with the play kitchen and kept my little one occupied for hours! She still plays with these and names what fruit she is “cooking”
  9. Wellies (depending on the season); bear in mind that kids’ feet grow quick – every 6 weeks! My friend really sweetly asked to schedule a shopping date to get Myla some wellies – I thought this was such a cute idea; the gift of presence and a practical present!
  10. Duplo; Lego is always a win with kids and Duplo is great for development (and hours of fun)
  11. Rocking chair; a cute addition to any room 
  12. Cars / vehicle set; this is really great to encourage speech as there are lots of sounds and movement words associated, also really familiar and fun for toddlers! 

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