Things I needed for when my babies turned to toddlers overnight! 

by Monica Magan

I feel like I wasn’t really prepared for toddlerhood – even the second time around there were still little things I had forgotten about. With both, baby girl and baby boy the transition happened over night. My babies went from being happy crawling around on the floor or being sat watching the world go by, with me doing everything for them – to itching to move around, wanting to get into everything, and wanting to do everything themselves. For each of them it was at different stages (but both between the 11-15 month marks) and the switch happened in the same way- instant! So here are some things that helped us to embrace that development phase and enable our babies to grow, and how to avoid those toddler tantrums.

  • Sturdy shoes: so important as they try and get up and walk more
  • leggings/trousers: for when they start to move around more, crawling about on their knees, toppling over – I had so many dresses for Myla…bad move! (she was a spring baby so her walking phase came in the summer)
  • Toddler cutlery: something colourful, easy to hold for them and not too big! The plates, bibs, cups, floor mats and aprons to go with helping them to feed and drink themselves 
  • Toddler tower: relieve your back and hips of having to constantly lift them up to see what you’re doing or “help” you
  • Teach them how to brush teeth and make it a fun process! We found singing songs helped or pretending that we are brushing away the dinosaurs. 
  • Get them involved with daily tasks – get the wipes, help cut food, get bottles out, turn the light on/off, start the washing machine – they love pressing buttons at this stage!
  • Be mindful of what’s in your lower level/toddler accessible cupboards! They start to open everything…EVERYTHING. I changed a couple of my kitchen cupboard layout so that all the kids plates, spoon etc were in one particular lower cupboard so it was theirs to play with. I can’t deny it still drives me mad that they pull it all out – but I’d much rather that than all my glass tupperware! 
  • Choices! this is a big one. Try and give a choice of two as many times a day as possible. For example, Weetabix or Cheerios, Blue socks or purple socks. Such simple choices, but these small things our toddlers get to choose helps them feel some control during a time when their emotions are feeling so uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them. I notice a huge difference in the days I give choices vs those that I don’t.

I hope these things help to ease those tricky and amazing stages of toddlerhood, and avoid the toddler tantrums! Follow me on Pinterest or keep an eye out for lots of other posts coming soon!


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