Creating our gender neutral safari themed nursery for under £200!

by Monica Magan

We chose early on in my pregnancy to use the smallest room in our house for the baby room and, once we’d decided on which room, it made it so much easier to be able to think about designing it up. I already knew I wanted to do an animal or safari themed nursery, and I wanted to keep it a fairly neutral colour scheme. I just love animals and the greens/plant theme you can use alongside it. So here are some key pieces we used to create the look…

  1. These gorgeous safari animal handles added something special to the pretty standard IKEA drawers and cupboard. We replaced the black drawer knobs and silver cupboard doors handles with these safari themed door knobs. 

Safari animal door knobs – set of 9 for £85 Candy Queen Designs on Etsy

2. Natural wood wherever possible! I love the look of natural wood colour and I think it really adds to a safari theme in such an effortless way. A book shelf was a must for room as I wanted to read to baby from the start (we still do and she LOVES books) – so I went for this white and natural wood book shelf from Great Little Trading Co. We also went for a white and natural cot for baby!  

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White/natural wall hung bookcase £55 Great Little Trading Co.  Greenaway Mini Bookcase, White/Natural

  1. Strategically placed natural wicker baskets for storage in areas where needed – practical and look fab to add that bit of wooden texture. So I have one for laundry in the corner of the room, one on the changing table for nappy’s, wipes and lotion, and one between the nursing chair and cot for muslin clothes. 

I used a mix of gift hamper and baskets lying around house but here are some good options.

4. This fun hot air balloon light shade! The hubby chose this one…he really loved it – so although not my first choice, we went for it and it kind of works. I have fallen in love with this a little especially as it gives baby something to look at while I change her! The light is perfect length to catch her eye and the basket is big enough to fit a small teddy. We’ve put Peter Rabbit in there and when she’s really fidgety I get the teddy down for her to play with. I love it when something looks great and is practical at the same time!

  1. Not safari theme but I think so needed in all baby rooms. This rocking chair! I got this nursing chair with the foot stool from Facebook Market for £40 – it’d been hardly used and was in great condition! 

Happy decorating! If you have any questions please comment below 🙂


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